How to share your feelings 3

When you decide to share your feelings there is one important rule. Do not justify. Explain but not justify. Remember they are your feelings. You can give a reason of course but you don't need a confirmation or agreement. All you need is to be listened and being understood when you share your feelings. People … Continue reading How to share your feelings 3


How to share your feelings 2

Sharing your feelings must free you not make you feel under pressure. You have to be confident, relax and powerful when you are opening up with your most personal feelings. If you are not ease then either you are not ready or the person you choose is not right. As long as the conditions mentioned … Continue reading How to share your feelings 2

Can you trust your partner?

Yes, you can. If you want to. Any doubts in a relationship mean two things. Communication problem or not trusting your partner from the beginning. Beginning of the relationship is always being the most important decision period. If there is an issue, suspicion, attitude problem, habits that you don't like then sort it or move on … Continue reading Can you trust your partner?

Basic rules of dating

There are fundamental rules if you want to be successful in the dating game. First of all what does mean being successful on dating? -Get a second date? -One night stand? -Possible relationship opportunity? It all depends on what do you want. This is the first rule. Figure out"What do you want?" If you don't know, then it is going … Continue reading Basic rules of dating

What movie to watch with the ​girlfriend​ ?


You got to realize that not all the girls like chick flicks. Women like good movies. They might not know about it but once they watch it they know if its a good or shit one. Basic rules; Know your woman. What she likes? Pretend to like? Might like? Mood? You have to know her. … Continue reading What movie to watch with the ​girlfriend​ ?

How cooking effects your relationship?

Cooking effects your relationship when you start living together. There are different ways to cause problems. Who is cooking? What is cooking? Not cooking and ordering take away! Leftovers! Washing up!   Who is cooking? It does not matter how many times a guy cooks for his girl, she will always mention the food she … Continue reading How cooking effects your relationship?

What makes you happy?

Do you even ask this question to yourself? I bet you don't. Well, you should. Because the answer will be the route to your pure happiness. Most people -including you- making decisions based on other peoples beliefs, opinions, ideas etc. This includes a very simple decision to most important one and you know that. Why try … Continue reading What makes you happy?